Pedagogical Approach

My pedagogical approach is highly practice-based and interactive. I invite students to be radically curious and robustly analytical in their approach to complex contexts. I seek to encourage learners to push themselves and wrestle with seemingly intractable sociocultural landscapes. My intention is to support radically inclusive environments that respectfully confront a swath of ideas, concepts, frameworks and theories about our world and the Universe.

I have taught a number of courses in a spectrum of disciplines primarily in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Anthropology and Diplomacy. I have experience teaching in Geography, Environmental Health, Sociology and Social Work.



My experience teaching undergraduate students encompasses both public and private institutions. I have had the privilege of being a mentor, advisor and teacher to a wide range of students from introductory courses to small seminars. Whether it is a three hundred student lecture course or a small seminar of less than ten students, I try my best to attend to and address the learning needs of diverse learners.

I currently teach an upper division seminar course in the Department of Community Health at Tufts University. Furthermore, every year I have the privilege of serving on a number of senior theses either as a reader or Chair of a thesis committee.

Health and Human Rights

Senior Thesis


I primarily teach courses in the Public Health and Professional Degree Programs at Tufts University School of Medicine. In this capacity, I am the course director for content and methods courses that included dual degree students (MD/MPH, PA/MPH, JD/MPH, BA/MPH), as well as, MPH students. My graduate course instruction often involves the use of case studies from the field, especially in global health and complex humanitarian environments.

Introduction to Global Health

Qualitative Methods

Social Network Analysis

Health and Human Security



I am currently the course director for the PA/MPH and BA/MPH programs. I also teach in the MD/MPH curriculum. Along with the Director of the PA/MPH program, I co-teach an integration course for the PA/MPH students.







I engage in a number of spiritual teaching modalities. As a medical anthropologist, I have learned from a number of sacred healers, shamans and herbalists. I have also integrated a spectrum of esoteric practices with trauma-informed teaching strategies. In this capacity, I work with sacred intimates, body workers, complementary medical providers and traditional spiritual healers. My teaching experiences extend to the esoterica, contemplative arts, expressive arts therapy, movement studies and spiritual healing practices.


Process and Relational Theology