Domestic Service

I engage in local, regional, State and Federal service in a number of capacities. Locally, I do my best to support a Black women’s cooperative. Regionally, I participate in a number of food systems organizing efforts to ensure sustainable approaches to the food system. At the State and Federal level I have served as a foundation consultant or board member. Additionally, I participate in a number of study panels for grant reviews while also serving as an editorial reviewer for a number of peer-review journals.


Foreign Service

I work with a number of civil society organizations and global health institutions to support refugees and asylums seekers, informal settlers and those often found in the margins. I continue to work in refugee camps in the Middle East and Africa. As a part of this work, I serve as a health planner, evaluator and board support for a spectrum of global health institutions. I also engage in interfaith and conflict transformation work collaboratively with a number of denominations and organizations.