Interrogating spaces of violence. Implementing practices of hope.



My work often involves utilizing trauma-informed strategies that seek to comprehend, characterize, and counter the negative impacts of a spectrum of experiences with trauma.


Proactive, Relational, Attentive, Consistent, Transformative, Intentional, Compassionate, Evolving, Supportive

I work with a team of collaborators globally and domestically. Additionally, I engage with undergraduate, graduate and professional degree students in a range of research and community-based projects. Most important to me are my community collaborators and mentors who guide and support my ongoing research approaches.

My inspiration comes from an array of sources that reflect the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual arenas and landscapes where I find belonging and home.



Throughout my career, I have completed a number of consultations.


Civil Society

I have worked closely with community residents, stakeholders and leaders to develop research plans, implement intervention strategies to improve health and well being and evaluate the impact of community based work.


Much of my work with institutions revolves around strategic planning or monitoring and evaluation of programs.


Mediation and conflict transformation are tools to work toward peaceful and mutually agreed upon strategies within landscapes of conflict. I have consulted within international, political, private and public, and peace-keeping arenas.



I believe in the commons and the processes of belonging to and within communities that work mindfully toward radical hospitality, inclusion and love.



I am part of radically inclusive and affirming spiritual engagements that are grounded in process and relational theologies, systems science and an physics of meaning making and purpose-driven activities. My spiritual work draws from a number of faith traditions and denominations to facilitate work that attends to and addresses issues of social justice, health disparities and trauma.

Trauma-Informed Practice

Trauma-Informed practice recognizes and engages with trauma in all its forms. In doing so, these practices identify and implement meaningful approaches to creating healing, supportive and safe landscapes to transform how individuals, communities, societies and cultures "sit with" trauma and address the impacts trauma have within humanity.


Radically Inclusive. Deeply Attentive. Exceptionally Engaged. Profoundly Supportive. Critically Innovative. Collaboratively Elastic. Holistically Curious. Faithfully Participatory.