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I am a teacher and student.

Fernando trained as an environmental epidemiologist and medical anthropologist with interests in systems theory, phenomenology, Bayesian methods, complex humanitarian emergencies and spiritual-therapeutic interventions. His research interests are primarily with refugees, internally displaced populations, and asylum seekers who are survivors of torture. Fernando also works with ultra-poor populations living in informal settlements. Geographically, Fernando works in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and among refugee populations in Europe and North America.

Fernando is currently on faculty at Tufts University School of Medicine. He also holds faculty affiliations with the Department of Anthropology, Community Health, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, and Race, Colonialism and Diaspora Studies.

Fernando spends his time between Boston and his biodynamic farm in Vermont.


Fernando F. Ona
Life-long Learner

Faculty picture at Tufts University.

Faculty picture at Tufts University.